I am a qualified teacher and an experienced lecturer, my specialism is in Early Years Education and Health and Social Care. I have years of experience working with children in the Early Years Settings. I have previously worked with young people from entry levels to foundation degree; as well committed to helping young people achieve their career goals through their educational programme. I also assess and review student’s work in accordance with the college, CACHE and Edexcel’s assessment criteria and procedures. I am currently the Director/Manager of The Earlyrise Centre. My objectives are planning and carrying out a pastoral role; as well ensuring standard for children and young people are met.

I have developed reasonable skills to work with children, teenagers and adult learners which also facilitate me to work and contribute positively in a team setting.

I am also a qualified Assessor and as well as an IQA (Internal Quality Assurance). I liaise with team regarding national standards; maintain accurate up to date records for students’ registration and assessment and meeting CACHE and Edexcel requirements; Keeping up to date with new developments and requirements of the awarding bodies; monitor standardisation of assessments by sampling and liaise with external moderator.

Overall, I have the ability to identify and support children and young people in all areas of development, and well-being that could be affected by changes or difficulties in their personal circumstances. Despite finding some of my experiences challenging, I have also found them extremely rewarding; particularly, as a mature, hard-working reliable, organise and of a warm friendly character that is able to communicate with children and young people from different background effectively. In spite of all that, I have been able to ensure that everyone feels valued and respected regardless of their religion or cultural background.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss what we offer and I really hope you will take time to look through our web pages to learn more about the opportunities available.

Many thanks for your co-operation,

Temitayo Akpenyi

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Education and SEN, MA (Ed), DTLLs, A1 and IQA